fashion is my drug, Lwazi Frunk Mthombeni Is my name , Music is my Life , Fabric is in my Blood AND this its my BLOG N.I.B, Being Normal is really Boring Right? This Blog Focuses on What i love, Breath Feel & Cherish, (Art, Fashion,Photography,Music & the ones i love) i hope my Love my Source of inspiration/Life


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En Noir Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Rob Garcia & “DiorandJordan & The team done did it again

I’m not gonna explain what they did with this new Rage. If you understand Fashion, Then you’ll get it

Disrespectful By

I hate the way you talk to me  
When you use those words  
Say it in that tone  
Look at me with that look in you eyes  
I’ve told you that it Pisses me off 
That I hate those words to my very core  
You don’t care  
You use it as ammo, to your benefit  
Its annoying, rude, mean,boring, frustrating  
When you talk to me like that  
I want to slice your throat open  
And dig for your vocal cords  
So I can rip them out, with my bare hands  
So that you can never talk to me like that  
Or anyone else  
Ever again..

It takes strength to openly speak such words. Haters and abusers (yes, verbal assault is abuse) are usually cowards who try to humiliate and smack others to feel superior. They are often victims of the same and emulate it. But there is NO excuse for such destructive choices.